Shalom Sharon, born 1971 in Tel Aviv, began his hairstyling 

training in

1985 upon entering The High beauty School.  While in 

school, he studied

and trained in every aspect of hairstyling, specializing in 


styling and color chemistry.  Soon thereafter, Shalom 

entered the

Israeli Army for his mandatory service.  He served as 

man and women's

hairdresser  for three years. 

 After completing his military service,he was 

 hired at one of the top salons and start is aditoreal work, 

At the age of 24, Shalom arrived in New York City,

began to work

as an Editorial hairstylist and shows

during Fashion Week in New York and Paris .

todya Shalom works as editorial celebtiry  and advertising .hairstylist

 bass in New York city